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Individuals on the HCG Diet experience few side effects. However, like any other type of medication there are complications and can be severe reactionsl


Many patients we see at Advanced Anti-aging and Weight Loss are so desperate they will “try anything” to lose excess weight. Before you “try anything” please consider the following information. HCG Diet picture johnny kincaid Weight Loss is a specialty field. Do not trust your health and weight loss to anyone other than a practitioner that can determine, with your input, the best way for you to safely lose the weight. This information is based on your past and present health history, your goals, your lifestyle and your support systems you may or may not have. Only then will you be confident in your choice of programs and will be able to proceed towards your weight loss goal with the assurance of knowing that the program chosen is designed to work specifically for you. It is not healthy to lose weight by starving yourself. Very low calorie dieting may cause tissue damage that will likely be permanent. You will find that a great portion of your weight loss, while on a very low calorie diet, will come from muscle and bone loss. This loss may result in an increase of skin breakdown in your face or other body areas areas that may have had accumulated fat. Take note that most gastric bypass patients have extreme amounts of excess skin after rapid weight loss. Most of the loose skin damage can be accounted for from very low calorie dieting (lack of nutrition) alone. This does not have to happen to you. Rapid weight loss can be achieved with little to no skin, bone or muscle damage. This is accomplished by setting your diet up to burn mostly fat and spare muscle and bone. This also allows you to maintain your energy level while having little to no hunger. This can only be done by medical weight loss program that targets fat. Loosing the fat is the goal, not just loosing weight. Weekly monitoring while on a restrictive diet is extremely important. Closely monitoring your progress and health status is vital to your weight loss success. Dieting is a lifestyle change.The proper medical program that may average 3-7 lbs of fat loss per week when followed accurately, will lessen the time needed to diet and keep you feeling energized, motivated and SAFE during the process. When deciding which diet is best for you ask for the following form the provider: * Will I see a medical doctor? * Do I get lab tests prior to dispensing medications? * If medications are used, what are the side effects? * Do you have special programs for certain health conditions (i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome X, Chronic Fatigue)? * How will the medications affect my metabolism? * Will I be monitored weekly? * Is a doctor available if I have problems/concerns? * Is there alternative programs available for my lifestyle? * Could I see testimonials from people who have finished this program?


Treatment using HCG offers many potential benefits to patients, but HCG has also been shown to cause a number of side effects. While most of these adverse reactions are minor, some of them must be considered to be very serious!

prolonged treatment with HCG is known to produce reactions at the injection site including: pain, bruising, redness, itching and swelling. Some patients who had been treated with HCG have experienced some allergic reactions to this medicine that were manifested as a rash, pain or swelling at the injection site. HCG's rare side effects are known to include fever or rash.

WARNING: some of the HCG SIDE EFECTS may be life-threatening!!

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HCG acts as the luteinizing hormone in women as it assists the corpus luteum in releasing progesterone that is crucial in preparing the lining of the uterus of uterine for implantation. <Read More>
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